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Fabric Life Quality Fabrics
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My mission at Fabric Life is to bring quality fabrics to my customers. Fast shipping, local pickup, I also have a storefront. My customers come first, I want to know my customers and interact with them, even if it is just online. Pick up the phone call me. I love talking fabric and projects with people.

We are located in Northern Wisconsin, there is a large population of artists around here and a lot of them work with fabric.

What made me start Fabric Life was the lack of apparel fabric within an hour of my home. I enjoy making my own clothing and I was getting frustrated having to drive over an hour away when I needed something or having to order it online and wait days or sometimes weeks to get my items. 

My goal is to have a large assortment of fabrics in all categories, starting with apparel fabrics. Eventually start having notions and other sewing supplies. This takes time and I am building up to it.

I just expanded my business area into a bigger room so that customers can come and buy our fabrics in person. When the rooms I am in get too small, I will expand again. With your help as the customer, I can do this.